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High Performance
"Cool Wool"
In the Lab
Test Results
Available in White Only:
Men's Sizes
Women's Sizes
Click Here for the Benefits of Sportwool
compare Sportwool to 100% polyester Jerseys (PaddleDri & Capilene ®)
80% Polyester ; 20% Wool - Silk-weight

This material features a trace of wool woven on the inside portion of the jersey which attracts moisture away from the body. The moisture is then transported to the outer jersey (polyester) where it dries very fast.

Please take the time to read the "Benefits of Sportwool" before to you consider other jerseys

Discover the natural performance benefits at a glance

-- Vapor management – making the wearer feel cooler quicker and greatly reducing the tendency of vapor to condense into liquid sweat.
-- Keeps you cooler when exercising.
-- The best wicking there is. Moves sweat away from the skin to the outer part of the fabric, leaving the inside dry.
-- Permanent and naturally antibacterial and odor resistant.
-- Drier-to-the-touch garments that feel less 'clammy' to the skin during activity.
-- Natural elasticity.
-- Natural UV protection.
-- A natural micro-climate system that can reduce 'post exercise chill' which allows sport and 'activewear' garments to breath naturally.

The end result is modern, lightweight clothes that the wearer clearly discerns as noticeably different.
Additioanl Information about Sportwool "CLICK HERE"

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Short Sleeve
$34.00 us
Men's Women's
Long Sleeve
$36.00 us
Men's Women's
Flat-lock stitching for comfort
Slight stretch - perfect for paddling
Team Discounts Are Always Available
Custom Silk-Screening Available

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